Chemical Industry which is one of the indicators of development of countries is in the supplier position of many industry arms. AKPA Chemistry which was founded in 1997 to respond this necessity, is specialized in organic peroxide, initiator, accelerator and paint driers and executes its manufacturing operations 70.000 m² factory whose 38.000 m²s are close.


In plant facilities; there are R&D, Quality Control and Environmental Laboratories, offices with standard and cooled stores. The company’s domestic and foreign sales, marketing, financial and logistics operations are carried out from Headquarters in İstanbul.


AKPA Chemistry which executes the production of many different chemicals, due to its strategic geographical position, provides product supply fast and in a short time in all over the world especially Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Today, AKPA Chemistry’s which exports regularly to more than 65 countries, overseas sales rates with total sales exceeds %75.  A store was established in İstanbul in the year of 2018 in order to do fast and on-time delivery in domestic market.


AKPA Chemistry which is active in globalizing market and constantly growing, concentrates on R&D activities in high-tech labs in order to meet customer requirements in the best way and make special production according to customer demands.  It founded R&D Center in 2017, Environmental Laboratory in 2018. In addition, our company collaborates joint projects with universities carrying out in this field by providing cooperation.


Our company to develop the quality of the product and guarantee was certified by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standards.  It was received approval by OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standards. Thereby supply with high-volume products to the European Union countries in accordance with the legislation of EU, REACH and ECHA records also are.


All our products have Halal and Tayyib Certificates from Gimdes.

Akpa Chemistry’s

      Vision is showing outstanding performance be about an example organization in all business areas, announcing more Turkey and the name of company to the world, respecting human life and nature.

           Mission is offering the fastest, most reliable, most accurate and economical solutions when competing with rivals; improving the quality of mankind with adding exclusive values to its customers and employees and contributing to the national economy with improving the business volume.


In this context, identified principles are as follows:

      Trust: With our values of truth and honesty, we give confidence to our all stakeholders. 

      Privacy: We take care to protect our customers, employees and our stakeholders private information.

      Responsibilities to Employees: We contribute in the development of our employees with assurance, employment and fair approach.

      Continuous Improvement: We develop products and services all the time by taking into consideration constantly environment and society values.

      To meet the needs and expectations of the parties: We provide to meet needs of suppliers, employees, stakeholders and expectations in accordance with the Management System processes.

      Risk-Based Approach: With risk-based approach to matters which interact with all our activities, we get the guarantee that the intended goals.

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