AKPA Chemical to meet customer requirements, has concentrated on R&D investments in its high-tech labs. It founded R&D Center in 2017, Environmental Laboratory in 2018. In addition, it performs joint projects by providing cooperation with universities.

     Our company, with a high knowledge and experience professional R&D team, creates a team for product development and technical support, signs variety of projects. Important investments in R&D have taken an active role in the growth process of our company. It answers the customers ' needs most appropriately and also makes specific studies according to the applications of customers. With this solution-oriented generation-development understanding, it has carried to the upper level its quality of service. Providing high quality products and technical support are among the distinguished advantages of AKPA Chemistry.

By producing in a challenging and dangerous sector, in addition to reducing its external dependence, AKPA which plans responding quickly with quality products for needs of developing industry, works for both developing safe production technologies and developing high- tech initiator systems. Our company makes technical visits on a regular basis to its clients and provides technical training about our products

AKPA Chemical has adopted fast and quality understanding of service with awareness of making a difference today moves success Our company, rather than customer- supplier relationship, is team-mate and solution partners with clients. This understanding provides to move a chain of employee-supplier-customer along in long term