As Akpa chemical Inc.; within the framework of the vision and mission based on the philosophy of total quality, offering  customer-centric products and services is our priority task. This grounds;

·         Keeping together with risk-based approach our quality management system in such a way of the requirements of ISO 9001 standard, reviewing and improving constantly,

·         Meeting completely management system processes, our customers, our suppliers, our employees and other interested parties needs and expectations with a cooperation based on trust, executing compatible to national and international regulations and ethical principles,

·         Accepting our company's business objectives with shaping our quality policy and providing to take on some responsibility of our employees,

·         Within the framework of the quality systems, all employees more competent people who can use their abilities at the highest level to become, by giving importance to educational and communication, upgrading continuously the level of quality consciousness,

·         To reduce costs, to increase efficiency and profitability following closely to the technological developments, and allocating the necessary resources and executing,

We undertake with the sense of task and responsibility. 

 Our Quality Policy