Due to our conducted activities as AKPA Kimya A.S., under the existing roof, we are aware that the health and the safety of our employees and our guests may be affected. That's why preventing work-related accidents and occupational diseases and reducing its minimum levels is our primary target, to achieve the relevant goals;

We accept that including each individuals and employees which include our business areas in external organizations we do cooperate, to protect the health of all our employees and ensure their safety is the most important task 

Providing all employees participation, we make healthy and safe working environment.

We fulfill all obligations by taking the place of reference to national legislation related occupational health and safety and  standards accepted internationally.

By evaluating our existing or possible risks which may arise, we conduct studies on issues of determining the necessary measures, application and resume.

In spite of everything being ready at all times to emergencies that may occur, we meet the requirements of the plan and application.

As Akpa Chemical Inc. Management, to provide the awareness and efficiency about health and safety of our employees and to contribute their professional development, we implement effectively and maintain training and other organizations.

To apply every precaution which can improve the safety and health at work, by following the best possible and current technological and scientific applications, we reserve necessary sources for give our system. 

We maintain occupational health and safety management system, for its continuous improvement we set realistic goals with ISO 45001 guidance. By reviewing constantly these goals and our performance in the way of attaining goals, we go up our bar about health and safety.

We provide continuation and development of general security which we have created in Akpa Chemical Inc.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy